Monday, August 02, 2010


Video of the day: "Stupid Boy" by T. Mills. Culled from Stuff You Will Hate, a blog that will either fill you with joy or the kind of rage that ends with a news reporter standing in a Taco Bell parking lot saying "...before turning the gun on himself."

I can't really explain this any better than SYWH's own Sergeant D did, so here you go:

When I interviewed him the other day for Substream, he made it sound like they filmed the video in some sick mansion like you would see in a high-budget porn movie, but this looks like they filmed it at my girlfriend's sister's apartment in Ontario, CA (only hers has a pool, whereas this one just has a dirty little walkway behind it where you probably put your trash for them to pickup or whatever). But that's actually perfect, because it captures the vibe of an Inland Empire house party to a tee, even down to the details like the off-white carpeting and cheap blinds on the windows.


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