Thursday, July 29, 2004


It's official; I'm free (in my own head at least).

I was in a record store at lunchtime today, buying two CDs by Albert Ayler (Witches And Devils and Complete Live At Slug's Saloon), and I spotted a Miles bootleg I don't have.

It's called Fat Time; it was recorded at one of his comeback gigs in 1981. I already have two discs from that string of gigs - We Want Miles and Miles! Miles! Miles!. Still, it might have been nice to have some more music from that period. I liked that band, particularly Mike Stern's guitar and Marcus Miller's bass.

But I left it on the shelf.

I might go back for it next week. I don't know. But knowing that I didn't have to buy it felt strangely freeing.

And besides, the Ayler stuff I did get was totally ass-frying in exactly the way I'd hoped it would be.

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