Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Afrika Bambaataa is back.

I'm only on track 5 as I post this, but so far, it's great. If the last thing you heard from Bambaataa was "Afrika Shox" on Leftfield's Rhythm And Stealth, and you loved that, you're gonna go berserk for this. I can see myself spending the next two weeks or so listening to nothing else.

Heard the new Boredoms today, too (the one that's only available as a $35 Japanese import). The first track is pretty cool, if you've always wanted to hear Alice Coltrane play piano over a hippie drum circle (I hadn't, but it was interesting in a good way). The second track is boring faux-Indian psych-drone with strings and whatnot. Ultra-boring. And since there's only two tracks, a 50 percent success rate spells Do Not Waste Your Money.

Oh, and here's my final, full-length review of Holy Ghost.

And some thoughts on Isis and Pig Destroyer.

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