Friday, November 19, 2004


Sometimes you randomly encounter something that reminds you that people you've never met have a totally different conception of what constitutes "music" than you. I followed a link from Screenhead to this.

Cool, huh?

The animation is sort of fun, but the sound of it is what fascinates me. It kinda reminds me of a much more melodic and poppy Datach'i, a statement which only demonstrates how woefully out of date my electronic music knowledge is. Shit, there are probably 2000 artists/groups doing things that sound exactly like Juicy Panic, and I have no idea because I live in the ghetto, at the intersection of Metal and Jazz Streets. But hey - I clicked the link, the sounds slapped me in the side of the head in a pleasurable way, and that's all that matters. I might even seek out the CD and buy it.

Speaking of metal and jazz, the following records are worth your time (make notes, because some of 'em won't be out until early 2005):

Jason Moran, Same Mother (Blue Note)
The Flying Luttenbachers, The Void (Troubleman Unlimited)
Anthrax, The Greater Of Two Evils (Sanctuary)
He Is Legend, I Am Hollywood (Solid State)
Isis, Panopticon (Ipecac)
Pig Destroyer, Terrifyer (Relapse)

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