Monday, February 14, 2005


I'm revising my novel, hoping to finish by the beginning of May.

I'm starting another book, to be co-written with an online buddy who's way funnier than me (which is good, since the book is intended humorously).

I'm freelancing for Cheri, Celebrity Skin, The Wire, the Cleveland Scene, the East Bay Express, Jazziz, Revolver, and the Village Voice. If I could find more outlets willing to publish my writing, I'd write for 'em.

Plus, I've started an MP3 blog here, because the MP3-blog community badly needs an injection of raw metal.

Oh, and I'm currently reading Robert Neuwirth's Shadow Cities, part of that 50-books-a-year deal, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Phil,

I used to read you back in the day at Salon Table Talk. Glad to see you've got so much going on.

I saw your New York is Now book at the local Borders. (Didn't buy it though.) Your list of activities didn't mention porn - I know you used to work at a magazine.

Anyway, good to know you have a blog going. I'll check in periodically.