Saturday, June 18, 2005


Saw Batman Begins this weekend. Christian Bale was okay; there's one great moment when, out at a fancy restaurant as Bruce Wayne, he pulls a Patrick Bateman face mid-conversation, but other than that he's kinda stolid and brooding/brutish, which is one interpretation of Batman (a popular one). I prefer to think of Batman as an obsessive, egomaniacal rageaholic with a grudge against the world, kinda like a muscled-up Ted Turner. Morgan Freeman is very good, Michael Caine is not as good as you've probably read in every single review. Gary Oldman is better than he's been in a long time, because he doesn't try to steal every goddamn scene he's in. He shuts up, shuts down, and serves the film. A nice change of pace for him. Cillian Murphy, as the Scarecrow, is pretty damn scary, and the visual effects on him are terrific. Liam Neeson was better in Kinsey than he is here, playing David Carradine as Sean Connery's character from the Highlander movies. Katie Holmes? Hated her long before she became Tom "My Space Religion Can Sue Your Skeptical Ass Out Of Existence, So Pretend I'm Sane" Cruise's prop. Thanks for showing us your tits 'n' ass in The Gift, Katie; it's on DVD, so we (the sensible male viewers of the world) got no further use for you. Go be with Tommy Boy.

Other big events this weekend: bought some music software (Reason 3.0, ReCycle 2.1) and an Oxygen8 MIDI keyboard. Got a project in mind; it's all gonna be done on computers, but it's not "electronic music" in the way that's traditionally imagined.

Also, got the next novel about 3/4 plotted. Should have a complete outline by week's end, at which point I'll disappear from sight for a few months so I can pound the keyboard in earnest. Who knows, maybe while I'm writing that one I'll find an agent who'll help me sell the last one.

Tomorrow's gonna be a take-it-easy day; gonna burn all the AAC files on my hard drive to DVDs, to free up space for music software installation, and study for audio engineering class. Gotta read 75 pages on microphones. Ya, and also hoo.

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