Saturday, January 14, 2006


Today I bought the CD reissue of Chi-Congo, by the Art Ensemble of Chicago, and brought to a close an acquisitive quest that has taken nearly three years.

Between 1969 and 1974, the Art Ensemble recorded almost two dozen discs, for almost as many labels. And over the past few years, those albums have been drifting back into availability, again on a shitload of labels. And with the purchase of the Fuel 2000 reissue of Chi-Congo, I have every single one.

A Jackson In Your House: Check.
Message To Our Folks: Check.
Tutankhamun: Check.
The Spiritual: Check.
Eda Wobu: Check.
Les Stances A Sophie: Check.
The Art Ensemble of Chicago With Fontella Bass: Check.
People In Sorrow: Check.
Reese and the Smooth Ones: Check.
Live in Paris: Check.
Certain Blacks: Check.
Phase One: Check.
Go Home: Check.
Live at Mandel Hall: Check.
Bap-Tizum: Check.
Fanfare For The Warriors: Check.
Kabalaba: Check.
Brigitte Fontaine's Comme A La Radio: Check.
The 1967/68 box: Check.

Thanks to everyone at Downtown Music Gallery, Kim's Mondo Music, Other Music, the Sound Station, Amazon and eBay who helped me in this quest.

So now what? Someone has suggested collecting all the Ennio Morricone soundtracks, but I don’t think I’m quite that obsessive. Maybe I’ll just go back to filling in the gaps in my Cecil Taylor collection.

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