Friday, February 10, 2006


Why, no, there hasn't been much activity here lately. I'm busy writing other things besides blog posts, is essay on Gaucho for that book I'm editing (now that I don't have to write a whole book on it, or my other proposed subject From Elvis In Memphis, for the 33 1/3 series), various contributions to the magazine I edit for a full-time paycheck, freelance record reviews 'n' whatnot for Alternative Press and The Wire and the Village Voice and the Cleveland Scene and Jazziz and Relix, and interning at night so I can get my audio engineering certificate. Oh, and maybe finishing the book I started a few months back, which I'm just over 100 pages into (depending on which font I choose to use on the laptop) and which I have completely plotted's just a matter of finding a spare moment to actually pound out a page or two a night for, say, three or four months straight.

But I am gonna come back and talk bullshit about some tedious thing or another in this spot sometime soon, really. So stay tuned.

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