Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Newly arrived in today's mail: Vicente Fernandez, The Living Legend. A 3CD boxed set by the biggest male mariachi singer possibly ever. He's got a discography nearly 80 albums deep, and all their covers are reproduced inside the lavish booklet, as are the posters to the majority of his movies (one of them's probably playing on Telemundo as I type this). I also got a CD/DVD combo live package by his son, Alejandro, the other day, but frankly, Dad stomps all over his kid, who seems content to slick his hair back and play to the ladies in the front row rather than bellowing for the rafters like the old man. There's something about mariachi music that really gets me just right, whether sung by men or women - I think it's a damn shame that some shitty indie-rock band hijacked the name Lucero. (She played triplets in Lazos De Amor!)

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