Saturday, January 20, 2007


I was digging in a box looking for AA batteries and found a copy of the soundtrack to Taal, a Bollywood movie I've never seen. I bought this at a local Indian grocery in 1999, on cassette ($4, I think), after seeing a commercial for it on this show that used to run on one of the cable channels - musical numbers from the movies, shown like music videos. Most of the female vocals are by Alka Yagnik (quickie research indicates she won some kind of award, and indeed the movie was a big award-magnet the year it came out), though there's one track featuring Asha Bhosle. The music is generally mellow and kinda dubby, heading almost into Wordsound territory on a couple of tracks. Very rhythmic throughout, with some unexpected bursts of melody that'll pop your ass right out of the chair if you're not paying attention - or even if you are. Plus, the J-card folds out with lots of very nice pictures of Aishwarya Rai, always a huge plus. I might have to dig this one up on CD; it's available from Amazon damn cheap.

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