Wednesday, July 01, 2009


That's the cover of my new book. It's an anthology, containing 13 of my magazine features from the past seven years. The artists profiled are Tom Waits, Ornette Coleman, Mike Patton, Oxbow, Bill Dixon, Calle 13, the Mars Volta, Serj Tankian, Café Tacuba, Noah Howard, the Melvins, Sunn O))) and David Thomas of Pere Ubu. Each story comes with a short introduction, describing the circumstances under which it was originally conceived/assigned and written and/or providing some minimal "behind the scenes" description, so you can learn all about the indignities, frustrations and cosmic misunderstandings that are the life of a freelance music journalist in the 21st Century.

It's self-published, and only available from (I highly recommend using them for any similar projects you may have in mind, by the way; their interface is ridiculously easy to use and the copy of the book that's sitting on my living room table right now looks just like the product of any publisher you'd care to name. Paper quality is great, cover stock is sturdy and glossy...I am a totally satisfied customer.)

N.B.: Lulu also offers it as a download, but I don't recommend taking that option, because it doesn't include the cover, which I laid out myself and which features a nice photograph by my wife. So if you must have a digital version, email me and for five bucks via Paypal I'll send you one that includes the cover art. Cool?

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andujar said...

hey thanks for the tip. i may look into that lulu business.

yr book looks good. i read 2 of yr others, as well as some of yr wire material. good job.

by the way, check my blog if you get a minute.