Tuesday, June 14, 2005



I've been reading ABC News' political newsletter "The Note" for quite awhile now. You should too; it's a pretty horrifying document. The only framework they have for the events and actions they describe is that of Washington, D.C.'s entrenched society - the ultra-rich "elite" journalists who cover every president and host the latest crop of Senators and Representatives and Secretaries of this and that at cocktail parties. So, basically, it's a gossip site disguised as a news organ, because anybody that's not in favor with the cool kids of Washington journalism gets handed the shitty end of the stick on a daily basis, in smarmy prose reminiscent of a high school yearbook. The actual consequences of government policy mean nothing to the people who write the Note; to them, it's all about the political ramifications (and mostly the ramifications for the Republicans; as rich kids, they're all conservatives at heart, though they never come out and explicitly say so).

So the other day, just for the hell of it, I sent them an e-mail. It read as follows:

I've been reading the Note since the middle of the 2004 presidential campaign, and I must say it's one of the funniest things I've ever encountered. It's the perfect parody of the insular, snobbish, in-crowd mindset of Washington journalism. You've captured everything: the craven subservience to power, the swooning over empty Republican chest-beating, the total ignorance of issues that matter to non-millionaires, the snide sidelong shots at people who understand those issues, and - particularly when you talk about Howard Dean - the pissiness of people who believe themselves elite and can't quite understand why nobody else is listening to their pearls of wisdom. It's like a transcript of a cocktail party attended exclusively by ultra-rich child molesters and whores. Congratulations on the brilliant work, and remember the words of satirist Michael O'Donoghue: "Making people laugh is the lowest form of comedy."

About an hour later, Lisa Todorovich, one of the Note writers, e-mailed me back, saying,

Golly!  Such praise.  Thanks for writing!!!!!

I thought that was so cute 'n' funny, I decided to share it with Atrios. He posted it. So for a brief moment, I are a political (i.e., "real" blogger). If a Google search sparked by reading my e-mail on Atrios brought you here, know that I mostly talk about music.

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Anonymous said...

Frightening, but...what sort of humor would you expect from them?