Tuesday, May 30, 2006


What my iPod threw at me on the (delayed and slow-moving) train into NYC today:

ZZ Top, "Mexican Blackbird"
Cannibal Corpse, "The Discipline Of Revenge"
Maceo and the Macks, "Soul Power '74"
Roky Erickson, "Burn The Flames"
George Thorogood and the Destroyers, "I'll Change My Style"
Talking Heads, "Swamp [Live]"
Ted Nugent, "Street Rats"
Baxendale, "I Built This City (Michael Mayer Mix)"
Unsane, "Organ Donor"
Megadeth, "Devils Island"
Joe Henderson, "Free Wheelin'"
James Brown, "Honky Tonk [Part 1]"
Groundhogs, "Split Pt. 4 [Live]"
Chemical Brothers, "Out Of Control"
Burnt Sugar, "Other Arrangements Remix"

At present, I'm listening to the Montreal-based technical death metal band Neuraxis' Trilateral Progression, because I saw them live last night and they completely ate my brain. I bought this and the Truth/Imagery/Passage 2CD set, which compiles their three earlier albums (Truth Beyond..., Imagery and Passage Into Forlorn), after watching them blast the walls of BB Kings down for a half hour. I also picked up A Celebration Of Guilt by Arsis, who are equally awe-inspiring, but kinda static live. ALl these discs are on Willowtip, a label I strongly advise investigating post-haste.

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