Tuesday, June 13, 2006


If I had more money, I could start a record label and release the incredible performance by Borbetomagus (with guest sax from Bruce Lamont of Yakuza), recorded in Chicago in, I think, 2004, that I'm listening to right now. It's unique among Borbeto documents, not just because of the guest shot, but also because of the droning, low-end-fixated opening track, 22 minutes of groan and rumble that's more floor-shaking than anything they've done since bassist Adam Nodelman left. The usual staticky bursts of skronk are still very present, even more so on the second lengthy blowout (of three), but the way this thing sort of slowly sucks you in is unprecedented for these dudes.

The label that had originally planned to release it dropped the ball, and now it exists in CD-R limbo. I've got a copy, Lamont's got one (he sent me mine), presumably the Borbeto dudes have copies...and that's about it, I'd bet. A shame, too; the world needs to hear this thing.

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J T. Ramsay said...

My friend Slimm at Archivecd.com might be able to help you release it in a very limited edition with amazing packaging. I buy so much of his stuff it's ridiculous!