Tuesday, February 26, 2008


"Revelations Of Doom"
from Demon Entrails (Century Media)
The legendary demos by Tom G. Warrior’s pre-Celtic Frost outfit have at last been remastered (er, as best they could) and given a proper - deluxe, even - CD issue. It’s a glimpse into what was going on in the mind of one very weird Swiss obsessive in 1982 or so. Rougher than Venom in some respects, but much more compelling, too, Warrior’s delivery on “Revelations Of Doom” is a merciless buzzsaw, chewing right through the worn-cassette sound quality and making this one of the most genuinely assaultive metal releases of the year. Even metal dilettantes and hipsters (yeah, yeah, ugh, ptooey, whatever) should be lining up to bask in the glory from these ashes, still smoldering after 25 years.

(Click here to see this review on paperthinwalls.com itsownself, where you can download the song.)

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