Saturday, October 30, 2010


Here's my latest batch of All Music Guide reviews. In keeping with the Halloween season, there's a bunch of metal, and some people in masks (the Girl in a Coma covers album). Enjoy!

Arson Anthem, Insecurity Notoriety
Autopsy, The Tomb Within
Conducting from the Grave, Revenants
The Crown, Doomsday King
Dimmu Borgir, Abrahadabra
Exploding Star Orchestra, Stars Have Shapes
Firewind, Days of Defiance
Girl in a Coma, Adventures in Coverland
Holy Grail, Crisis in Utopia
Kill the Client, Set for Extinction


floodwatch said...

Spot-on review of the new Dimmu. I've been telling people for years that once you stop taking the band seriously, their records really are a lot of fun.

Phil Freeman said...

I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. Their last one really disappointed me - the ponderousness of the whole "concept album" thing really dragged it down. They're better off wallowing in nonsense.