Friday, March 11, 2011


I haven't done of these since the end of January, so brace yourself. Note the Amazon links after each review; if anything intrigues you, please click through and help keep this blog flying.

Abysmal Dawn, Leveling the Plane of Existence (Amazon link)
Ă…rabrot, Revenge (Amazon link)
Battlelore, Doombound (Amazon link)
Blood Ceremony, Living With the Ancients (Amazon link)
The Bronx Casket Co., AntiHero (Amazon link)
Darkest Hour, The Human Romance (Amazon link)
Mike DiRubbo, Chronos (Amazon link)
Dying Fetus, Killing On Adrenaline (Amazon link)
Dying Fetus, Grotesque Impalement (Amazon link)
Falkenbach, Tiurida (Amazon link)
The Human Abstract, Digital Veil (Amazon link)
I See Stars, The End of the World Party (Amazon link)
Nicolas Jaar, Space Is Only Noise (Amazon link)
Lazarus A.D., Black Rivers Flow (Amazon link)
Macabre, Grim Scary Tales (Amazon link)
Manowar, Battle Hymns MMXI (Amazon link)
Maruta, Forward Into Regression (Amazon link)
Noisear, Subvert the Dominant Paradigm (Amazon link)
Ulcerate, The Destroyers of All (Amazon link)
Volture, Shocking Its Prey (Amazon link)

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