Monday, January 14, 2008


There's a fuck of a lot going on in Metal-world as this week kicks off. The full-length Dead Child CD, Attack, is a pretty major improvement over the self-titled EP from last year, which was mind-roastingly shitty. As I type this, though, I'm listening to the Genghis Tron album Board Up The House, which is also kinda awesome, if maybe a little too much for my present, already somewhat frantic 'n' skittish, state of mind. GT have one of my favorite band names ever, and their music, which mixes crunching and somewhat spazzy riffage with John Carpenter-esque oozing analog synths and staticky noise, matches it very well. Other promising things in today's mailbag: the self-titled Kingdom of Sorrow album (which features Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed and Kirk Windstein of Down, two bands I am alternately neutral on and consumed with hatred for, but somehow I'm still hopeful), Grief Of War's A Mounting Crisis...As Their Fury Got Released, the Earache nĂ¼-thrash compilation Thrashing Like A Maniac, with tracks from Bonded By Blood, Evile, Municipal Waste, Dekapitator, Fueled By Fire, Decadence, Warbringer, SSS, Gama Bomb, Merciless Death, Deadfall, Lazarus, Toxic Holocaust, Mutant, Violator and Send More Paramedics, and the reissue of Hellhammer (pre-Celtic Frost) demos from Century Media.

In other news, the 2008 Gigantour lineup sounds fucking great (Megadeth obviously, plus In Flames, Children Of Bodom, Job For A Cowboy and High On Fire), and I will definitely be there when the tour hits NYC in April. Oh, and my new Iron Maiden Vans (with artwork from "The Trooper") came in today. They'll be in stores in February, and one more pair, with the artwork from Piece Of Mind, is supposed to come out later this year. Horns in the air!

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