Thursday, January 03, 2008


"Severe Confection"
from Normal Love (High Two)
The jazz-grind tumble of Flying Luttenbachers, the short/sharp shocks of early Orthrelm, the poke-’n’-twist of DNA, the fiery electric work of avant-jazz violinist Mat Maneri—Philly-based instrumental quintet Normal Love appeals to all of these sensibilities with a unique approach to punk and jazz. Two guitars, bass, drums, violin, all herky-jerky in a very precise and through-composed way. There’s no soloing to speak of, but there are plenty of jagged edges to catch your ear on. “Severe Confection” opens their debut CD, which makes its fanfare-like qualities a plus, and also makes the simultaneous-but-not-together aspects of the first two minutes or so all the more powerful, once they congeal into unison riffing that recalls vintage no wave and contemporary post-punk, but without the fashionable clothes. [Go here to download the MP3.]

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