Saturday, May 29, 2010


From the letters column in AP #264, which just arrived in my mailbox:

I literally screamed when I flipped to the From First To Last feature in AP 262. You guys never mention From First To Last, and they're one of if not the best "scene" bands of my generation. I've practically grown up on them. Although I don't agree with some of the opinions expressed in the article (i.e., that Throne To The Wolves is better than the rest of their albums), I'm so grateful that you guys finally printed something about them. They deserve as much or more press than most of the bands AP goes on about. So, mad props.
Essy Lynn Davis
Oak Grove, MO

When I went downstairs to eat my breakfast, I ran straight into my May issue of AP. So of course, I opened it up, looked at the first few ads, then opened to the features list in the table of contents to see the most glorious words ever: From First To Last. Naturally, I flipped to page 86 to see my magazine graced with the lovely talents that have been my life since the ripe age of 12 when I went to my first Warped Tour in 2005 and saw their beautiful faces up close and personal. I have every album, including Aesthetic, and have loved the lyrics and music that has changed my life. And although their self-titled album was a slight disappointment, it was really awesome to read why exactly they created it and why they did what they did with it. It opened my eyes to truly how rough a time they were going through. And it was the first I heard of them not having Travis Richter. So thank you, AP, for further informing me on my favorite band in the world.
Morgan Tangent
Ventura, CA

I can say with relative confidence that nothing I've written for The Wire, not even the piece on Wadada Leo Smith, has ever inspired literal screaming.

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Amplifier Worship said...

I think you made Howard Mandel scream once or twice.