Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Yeah, Atari Teenage Riot are back, for no reason anyone can explain to me. They've got a new member now, named CX Kidtronik (he's the black dude with the Mohawk), and he's about as threatening to the power structure as Turbo B from Snap!, whose delivery he's stealing. Which means he fits right into the whole ATR "gestural revolution" weltanschauung. Anyway, they're gonna put out a new album—the song they're performing in the clip above, "Activate," is the first single. If you want to download it, click. I have fond(ish) memories of ATR's singles, which are handily encapsulated on the 1992-2000 compilation. But are they in any way necessary in 2010? Are they anything but a pathetic joke on themselves? No.

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