Monday, April 14, 2008


It wasn't like I especially wanted to listen to the Metal Mind reissue of Disgust's second album, World Of No Beauty (now with eight bonus tracks recorded live in 1994!), through headphones, at 10 AM on a Monday. I love me some Discharge-aping Dutch crust-punk-core as much as anybody, but really, it's a little early for jackhammer beats, pick-slide guitars and guttural rage-barfing. But when you've got two dorks in the next cubicle gushing on and fucking on about how much they enjoyed the Paul Simon concert this weekend, especially the part where David Byrne came out and - their words - "totally stole the show"...well, you can see how my hand was forced. It was either blast my eardrums out, or become that guy - the guy who murders two of his co-workers with a claw hammer.

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