Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I voted for Obama, but I didn't watch the inauguration ceremony - I was hungry, so I went and got lunch. Maybe I'll catch clips tonight on cable, but maybe not - Netflix is sending me Max Payne.

When I thought about all the Obama worship and the kitschy T-shirts, hats, stuffed animals, commemorative plates, etc., etc. (my favorite was one I saw on the street in NYC which depicted the First Family in Star Wars garb, light sabers and all), I felt like a lot of people are getting jacked up in a kind of naïve, but ultimately kinda boneheaded way. Yeah, it's good that he beat McCain, but this country elected George W. Bush twice. So when I thought about what song would best express my feelings about this transition, I knew there was only one choice: Grand Funk Railroad's "People, Let's Stop The War," an antiwar song with the vaguest possible lyrics, released in 1972, approximately four years after the rest of the sentient human population had long since turned against Vietnam. Naïve, boneheaded (Obama's clearly a smart guy, but a lot of his biggest fans are people I don't want on my side), four years late to the party (I mean, seriously, George W. Bush was re-elected!!!)...but okay, yeah, the groove kicks ass. I guess that's how I feel about an Obama presidency.

(Note: Clip above is of Mark Farner's solo band, performing in July 2008.)

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Tony Renner said...

dude, "don't mistake your cynicism for insight"....

bunnygrunt, "more loves than stupids"