Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Interesting piece on Rob Halford here. Halford's a great interview, not necessarily because of what he has to say (at least in this piece, the questions are fairly straightforward) but because of his demeanor and his approach to being interviewed. This writer captures it perfectly: Halford has a way of being genuinely engaged in a conversation with an interviewer (or, one presumes, a fan) that is supremely welcoming and flattering. I've never heard a story of him blowing someone off or being an asshole, and when I interviewed him, he thought about what I'd asked him, and answered in paragraphs. The guy has earned every bit of the respect he has within the metal community, and continues to come across as grateful for his status. He's a showbiz pro, but he's also by all appearances a genuinely nice person.


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That is cool.

I remember seeing the Priest with Cinderella (Heavy Metal tour, I think?) back in the day. Even with the bombast, he really seemed to be into it, delivering the goods in what had to be just another in a series of gigs.