Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Metal Inquisition has an excellent take-down of the metal subgenre known as "riff salad" (better known as "technical death metal" or "tech-death"). I think they did a pretty great job with this, though obviously there are tons of other TDM acts that could have taken DragonForce's slot - Brain Drill, Necrophagist, the Faceless, Psycroptic...

I really like this stuff, which is one of the reasons this piece made me laugh a lot harder than some of their other recent efforts (and don't get me started on their obsession with "wigger slam"). The other reason is that Hate Eternal really is that boring. I listened to their most recent album, the one the whole DM scene raved about (oh, wait, the whole DM scene raves about every Hate Eternal record) and just wound up wishing I could hear nothing but Jade Simonetto's drum tracks. That bastard can crush a drum kit like nobody's business. But the music on top...urgh. Spare me.

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