Monday, August 24, 2009


Here's nine of the latest...

Ambassador Gun, When in Hell
Anvil, This is Thirteen
Bloody Panda, Summon
Colin of Arabia, Pain Machines
Liturgy, Renihilation
Chuck Mosley, Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food
Oxbow, Fuckfest
Showbread, The Fear of God
Tyrant, Prepare for Devastation

I also wrote a review of the New Christs' Gloria that was unused (apparently, they double-assigned it), so here's that...

The New Christs
The New Christs aren’t as convulsive, as headlong, or as catchy as Radio Birdman were. But Birdman vocalist Rob Younger’s current band, an on-again/off-again aggregation of punk-informed rockers playing stripped-down, occasionally psychedelic music with a swinging backbeat and clear antecedents in everyone from the Hoodoo Gurus to Jim Carroll. Perhaps the clearest influence, though, is Iggy Pop’s early ’80s work on Arista Records; from its central riff to Younger’s elegantly wasted vocal delivery, “The Wheel” is practically a rewrite of Iggy’s “Get Up And Get Out.” There’s also a Berlin-era Bowie vibe on “Psych Nurse,” with its extended piano solo and buzzy horns. Overall, Gloria is a little too slow, not quite rocking enough, to keep a listener’s attention (a few songs, like “Daddy’s Calling” and “The Posse,” just seem to drift away). But there are some enjoyable moments, and it ends on a pretty high note with the revved-up “Bonsoir a Vous.”

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