Monday, March 03, 2008

3.3.08: 28

Soundtrack to a morning of waiting room, post office and train station tedium:

Fantomas, "04/28/05 Thursday" (Suspended Animation)
Daft Punk, "Superheroes" (Discovery)
Mutamassik & Morgan Craft, "Permanent And Humane/End" (Rough Americana)
King Crimson, "The Great Deceiver" (The Great Deceiver)
Mark Putney, "Don't Come Around Here Anymore" (What It Is!)
Hermano, "Letters From Madrid" (...Into The Exam Room)
Oscar Brown Jr., "Chicken Heads" (What It Is!)
Sam Rivers, "Luminous Monolith" (Fuschia Swing Song)
Hank Williams, "Let's Turn Back The Years" (Turn Back The Years)
Thelonious Monk, "Bye-Ya" (Monk's Dream)
Napalm Death, "Cold Forgiveness" (Diatribes)
Larry Young, "Alive" (Lawrence Of Newark)
Orthrelm, "Untitled 76" (Asristir Vieldriox)
Isis, "Maritime [Mike Patton Remix]" (Oceanic: Remixes/Reinterpretations)
Dream Theater, "Misunderstood (Edited Version)" (Greatest Hit [...and 21 other cool songs])
Ol' Dirty Bastard, "Don't U Know" (Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version)
Mala Rodríguez, "Por La Noche" (Malamarismo)
Main, "Haloform Part II" (Hz)
Nynningen, "Efterdyning" (Pregnant Rainbows For Colourblind Dreamers)
Sonic Youth, "Candle" (Daydream Nation)
David S. Ware, "Stargazers" (Live In The World)
Arsis, "Seven Whispers Fell Silent" (A Celebration Of Guilt)
Radiohead, "Airbag" (Airbag/How Am I Driving?)
Blut Aus Nord, "The Fall" (The Work Which Transforms God)
Bobby Few, "Bells" (Lights And Shadows)
Motörhead, "The Game" (Hammered)
Ojos de Brujo, "Piedras vs. Tanques" (Techarí)
Massive Attack, "Black Milk" (Mezzanine)

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