Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Marooned contributor Anthony Miccio (he wrote about Dio) speaks the truth in an Idolator post about dead pop/rock "genres":

There are so many bands trying to write "Dreams," but no one is bothering to write "Panama." This is why I sometimes think Kurt Cobain was the worst thing to happen to rock, as his PC "hey, check out the Vaselines" attitude came and went, leaving hard rockers only with the wisdom that there's no need to sound like you're having any fun at all.

I have this thought just about every goddamn day, especially when I turn on VH1 (I don't even bother with MTV anymore, really) and see a goddamn Daughtry or Nickelback or OneRepublic video. Wake up and rock, you mopey-ass motherfuckers!

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