Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Soundtrack to a rainy commute:

Jandek, "Feathered Drums" (Six And Six)
Sly & The Family Stone, "Time For Livin' (Alt. Take)" (Small Talk)
Znowhite, "Bringin' The Hammer Down" (All Hail To Thee)
The Ocean, "Calymmian" (Precambrian)
David Bowie, "Kingdom Come" (Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps))
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Y Control" (Fever To Tell)
Napalm Death, "M.A.D." (Scum)
Sonny Rollins, "I Know" (With The Modern Jazz Quartet)
Orthrelm, "Gharaail Ist (Milrilm)" (2nd 18/04)
Sir Patrick Idahosa And His African Sound Makers, "Eni" (Lagos All Routes)
Whitesnake, "The Deeper The Love" (The Definitive Collection)
Lamb Of God, "Break You" (Ashes Of The Wake)
Ayumi Hamasaki, "Not Yet" (Secret)
Melvins/Lustmord, "Toadi Acceleratio" (Pigs Of The Roman Empire)
Ted Nugent, "Free For All" (The Ultimate Ted Nugent)

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