Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Got the 2CD "Deluxe Edition" of Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation, with all its bonus live tracks and cover tunes and whatnot, the other day. Listening back to the original album, which I haven't heard in several years, I'm surprised to find myself surprised how many songs I remember. There are some plenty hooky numbers here. I'm sure they made good records after this one, but all I'll ever need is the late '80s quartet - Bad Moon Rising, Evol (and I don't like that one all that much, really), Sister and this. And maybe the TV Shit EP with Eye, for when I'm feeling impish.

Got four reissues by Magazine (their total output, looks like) the other day, too. On first listen, I gotta rank early '80s British arty postpunk as follows: Wire >>> Gang Of Four >> PIL's first two albums >>> Magazine. They're enjoyable enough, though.

I kinda like the new Tomahawk CD more than my PTW editor does, but not enough to blogfite about it. Suffice it to say he hasn't heard as many coma-inducingly crappy Native American CDs as me.

Oh, and Noah Howard's The Black Ark has been reissued on CD, and you need to get yourself a copy of that right fucking NOW. Ass-rapingly great free jazz that will change your worthless life. Seriously. It's indescribable (though I tried back in the January 06 issue of The Wire, when I actually got to sit down with ol' Noah).

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