Tuesday, May 01, 2007

ANDREW HILL 1931-2007

The pianist Andrew Hill, who died of lung cancer on April 20, was born in 1931, not 1937, as was frequently reported, and in Chicago, not in Haiti, like he used to tell reporters and liner-note writers. Never as willfully enigmatic as Thelonious Monk or as alienating (to some ears) as Cecil Taylor, Hill was an integral member of Blue Note Records' mid-'60s class of "in 'n' out" players—musicians equally comfortable with freedom, complexity, and the deceptively simple joys of hard bop. His compositions were frequently tricky, almost to the point of dissonance, but "Pumpkin," "Refuge," "Black Fire," and many more have melodies and a swinging energy that's impossible to shake loose once you hear them. [Read the rest here.]

Tuesday morning 10:
"Flight 19" (Point Of Departure)
"Tired Trade" (Black Fire)
"Mother Mercy" (unreleased session, 6/1970)
"Subterfuge" (Black Fire)
"Soul Special" (Grass Roots)
"Wailing Wall" (Smoke Stack)
"Symmetry" (Andrew!!!)
"Mira" (Grass Roots)
"Yellow Violet" (Dance With Death)
"Verne" (Smoke Stack)

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