Thursday, May 31, 2007


From PTW:

"Esa Tristeza"
from El Kinto (Lion)
El Kinto were a legendary psychedelic band from late-’60s/ early-’70s Uruguay, led by singer/guitarist Eduardo Mateo, sort of a South American Syd Barrett (both in terms of songwriting and drug intake). Their entire output, compiled on a single CD by Lion, includes a dozen tracks recorded, Peel Session-style, for later lip-synching on the TV show “Discodromo,” four songs backing other singers, and three or four tracks intended for a formal album release that never materialized. This track doesn’t represent the full range of what they did, but it’s a really nice song. [Read the rest here.]

From the Cleveland Scene:

Resonance World Music Festival
Featuring Luca Mundaca, Simon Shaheen, Panic Steel Drums, Halim El-Dabh, Marcus Santos, Ukrainian Folk Music, and more. Saturday and Sunday, June 2-3, at Parish Hall and St. Mary's Romanian Orthodox Church, Ohio City.
World music can be a tough sell to the newbie. Lots of folks have an almost involuntary negative reaction to songs in languages they don't understand. Also, the world music audience has an image of being white, middle-aged, and bobo (bourgeois/bohemian). But here's the issue: Wouldn't listening to music in unfamiliar languages only make you concentrate on the actual music that much more? Why, of course. And there are fringe benefits too: This scene attracts smoking-hot chicks -- and dudes, if that's your bag -- of various skin tones, from coffee with cream to cinnamon. [Read the rest here.]

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