Monday, April 30, 2007


Monday Morning 20:
New Kingdom, "Terror Mad Visionary"
Beastie Boys, "Paul Revere"
Cream, "Badge"
Pentagram, "Broken Vows"
Ted Nugent, "Where Have You Been All My Life"
David S. Ware, "The Chase"
The Obsessed, "Lunar Womb"
Andrew Hill, "Symmetry (Alt. Take)"
Ghostface Killah, "Josephine (Feat. Trife Da God & the Wire Cottrell Band)
Napalm Death, "Worlds Apart"
Antaeus, "Gates To The Outside"
Hawkwind, "Lord Of Light"
Jimi Hendrix, "Purple Haze"
Maaya Sakamoto, "音楽"
Jimi Hendrix, "Little Miss Strange"*
Meshuggah, "Concatenation"
Black Flag, "Six Pack"
Saint Vitus, "Look Behind You"
Razor X Productions, "Kill Version"
Judas Priest, "Parental Guidance"

*my absolute least favorite Jimi Hendrix or Hendrix-related song, period. Why was it necessary to fuck up Electric Ladyland with this three-minute splat of audio dysentery?

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