Monday, April 02, 2007


"It's Clobberin' Time/What's Going On"
From Our Impact Will Be Felt (Abacus)
Unearth must have gotten first pick when tracks were being proffered for this Sick Of It All tribute album. How else could so generic a metalcore band get to tackle one of the all-time great pit-destroyers? With luck, this track, and the album from which it springs, will send the kidz off to the record store (or the blogs, or some bittorrent site) to hear the originals. But folks of a certain age (let’s say 35) will remember the rush of seeing Sick Of It All at, let’s say, City Gardens in Trenton, New Jersey, with Gorilla Biscuits and Judge, right before and/or shortly after Blood, Sweat And No Tears was released in ’89.[Read the rest here.]

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