Thursday, April 05, 2007


When you hear and see the UK metal band DragonForce, you're instantly converted or instantly convulsing with laughter - or sometimes, it's a combination of both. The band's video for "Through the Fire and Flames," the first single off its third album, Inhuman Rampage, is one of the most preposterous things you'll ever see - and at the same time, it will cause you to thoroughly re-evaluate the very definition of "awesome." It's been a YouTube smash pretty much since it first hit Headbangers' Ball in early 2006 - mostly because of the guitar solo bit, where not only do you see the flying fingers of Herman Li and Sam Totman in picture-in-picture close-up, but the long shot reveals this absurdity: While Herman solos like a maniac, striking painful, neo-G.E. Smith facial expressions, Totman stands there placidly drinking a beer, waiting his turn. [Read the rest here.]

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Moandji Ezana said...

I'm more on the convulsive laughter side, but the guitar solo section is like the metal equivalent of the dance break-down in an r'n'b video.