Sunday, April 22, 2007


Interesting interview with Calle 13 (mostly Residente, as always) here. The new album comes out on Tuesday, and though the Bataille quote in the interview doesn't worry me as much as it did the guy who pointed this article out to me, I have to admit it now: I admire Residente o Visitante more than I enjoy it. There are some really great songs ("La Fuckin Moda," "Cumbia de Los Aburridos," "Malasuerta Con El 13," "Me Voy Pa'l Norte," "La Crema") but there are some that are annoying as hell, and the first single, "Tango del Pecado," just doesn't work for me. And the video seems labored and over-thought-out, a first for them. I wasn't expecting them to feel the pressure to Say Something Important, but it seems like they do. Oh, well. Like I said, it comes out on Tuesday - buy it and make up your own mind.

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