Friday, June 12, 2009


I had an "I Don't Get It" moment this week when it was time to review the debut album by Iwrestledabearonce. They're a Louisiana band that mixes grindcore/death metal with half-assed attempts at jazzy prog-rock, throws in little bursts of electro, and has a female singer who goes back and forth between Cookie Monster roaring and sub-Evanescence emoting. It's one of the worst things I've ever heard, and it's in the Billboard Top 200 this week. I know that in 2009, that probably means it sold just over 1000 copies, but still, that's about 994 too many (I'm willing to grant a dispensation for each bandmember's mom buying one). Here are two of their videos.

And now, to atone for that, here's a video for my favorite Arch Enemy song.

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