Monday, June 07, 2010


Rick Ross's new song/video "Super High (Feat. Ne-Yo)"—in which it seems like he's lost a bunch of weight, which in turn makes me wonder if that's gonna fuck up all his grotesque tattoos, or if he's gonna have to go get a new gold pendant made in the shape of his suddenly smaller head—is pretty awesome. Remember the movie Biker Boyz? No? Just me? Well, that's clearly what Ross is going for in this clip—the romance and glamour of all-black motorcycle gangs.

I never thought about it until today, but the utter smooveness of this song means I gotta crown Ross the master (he might even be the inventor, I don't listen to enough hip-hop anymore to know if there are a bunch of other people doing this yet) of Yacht Rap.

If you're not familiar with Yacht Rock, it's basically a posthumous nickname planted on a whole bunch of terminally unhip "smooth" pop of the late '70s and early '80s like Hall and Oates, Peter Cetera, the Doobie Brothers, Christopher Cross, and a shitload of one-hit wonders. And Rick Ross's brand of hip-hop seems utterly indebted to Yacht Rock. The music is pulled from quiet storm and ultra-smooth '70s and '80s soul, his videos are frequently filled with people dressed in all white for some kind of "we're really rich" costume party, flutes of champagne, women in flowing's hilarious and awesome.

Oh, and I can't discuss this video without mentioning that the almost frighteningly ageless Stacey Dash (she's 44!) plays Ross's babe.

His new album is called Teflon Don, and it comes out in about a month. I believe it will be very smooth, and I can't wait.

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