Sunday, August 31, 2008


This article keeps popping up in recent months, and it seems to get a little dumber each time. (You know the old line about how, if you sit down at a poker table and can't tell who the mark is after half an hour, the mark is you? If James Acklin, the young man described in the story's first two paragraphs, doesn't come across like someone who should be beaten to death with a meat tenderizer, congratulations! You're a douchebag too.)

I hated vinyl before there were any such things as CDs. A format that sounds a little worse every time you play it? Gee, thanks. I was a cassette guy in the '80s - I'll take hiss over crackle any day. And in the 21st Century, I'll be sticking with digital. The only thing I don't like about MP3s below, say, 192kbps is how cymbals sound. (Worth noting: I hate the sound of cymbals no matter how well they're recorded. If it was up to me they'd be outlawed.) Anyway, my point is: The vinyl revival is a blip. Take it from someone who works at a music magazine. I'm just glad I'm old enough to not have to spend my days surrounded by college students who think they've discovered something. My bag is already heavy, what with a laptop and books and the like; adding a meat tenderizer to that would just be too much.

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