Wednesday, August 13, 2008


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Bleeding Through
Metalcore Band Makes Inroads Despite Feuding With Its Label

Life should be pretty sweet for Bleeding Through right about now. One of the most highly regarded U.S. metalcore bands, it opened a national tour with Slayer and Marilyn Manson last year and is set to release its impressive and highly anticipated fifth album, Declaration, at the end of September. But it's caught up in a bloody and public feud with its label, the (it seems now) ironically named Trustkill Records.

"What's tour support? I don't even know what that is," says frontman Brandan Schieppati by cell phone from Dallas. He and his bandmates - guitarist Brian Leppke, bassist Ryan Wombacher, drummer Derek Youngsma, keyboardist Marta Peterson and new guitarist Jona Weinhofen - are paying their own way on a U.S. jaunt with Bullet for My Valentine, Cancer Bats and Black Tide. Schieppati's hoping both he and the Bullet guys will have better luck on the road - Bullet had to cut its last tour short due to illness in bassist Jason James' family, and its vocalist, Matt Tuck, suffered vocal problems throughout 2007.

BT is one of at least three Trustkill acts currently battling the label's head, Josh Grabelle, over issues of money and artistic autonomy. Hopesfall broke up earlier this year, and drummer Jason Trabue said in an interview, "He's not the reason we broke up, but I do hate him." Throwdown left the label after the 2007 release of its third album, Venom & Tears, and has since gone public with charges of unpaid royalties and thousands of dollars of debt. Walls of Jericho was reportedly told it had to return to the studio to finish its new album, The American Dream, which caused the band to miss a spring U.S. tour with Napalm Death and DevilDriver. BT, for its part, told Trustkill it wouldn't relinquish the masters of Declaration, its third album for the label, until band members were reimbursed for the recording costs. [Read the rest here.]

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