Friday, August 01, 2008


"Pattern Recognition"
from Amber Gray (Hydra Head)
This song’s only 65 seconds long, so this review will probably take longer to read than the track inside takes to listen to. Still, to be brief: This is one of Jon Chang’s two new bands. He used to scream for Discordance Axis in the late ’90s and early ’00s, and he shrieks even more forcefully and piercingly now, which is awesome. Their album has 11 songs in just under 12 minutes. This is one of the longer ones. GridLink has a bassist, which Discordance Axis didn’t, so they’re heavier, if just as speedy and chaotic. Drummer Brian Fajardo, formerly of Kill The Client, whips the living hell out of his kit in a manner somewhere between intrepid grind hero Dave Witte and jazz great Roy Haynes. Guitarist Takafumi Matsubara rips it up, too, not as power-thrashily as he does in Chang’s other band, Hayaino Daisuki (less soloing with GridLink, too), but in a way that’ll make you wanna bounce your head off the nearest wall or tabletop in minute-long bursts of self-abuse. [Click here to visit PTW, where you can hear and download the song.]

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