Sunday, November 15, 2009


Another fortnight, another 14 AMG reviews. Enjoy!

Arckanum, Fran Marder
Arckanum, Kampen
Arckanum, Kostogher
Borbetomagus, Songs Our Mother Taught Us
Emptyset, Emptyset
Epica, Design Your Universe
Katatonia, Night is the New Day
Mi Loco Tango, Del Diablo y del Angel
Nirvana 2002, Recordings 89-91
Quest For Fire, Quest For Fire
Satan's Host, Power, Purity, Perfection
Supersilent, 9
Throwdown, Deathless

And here's one I submitted but which wasn't used:

The Hunting of the Snark
The international jazz group NYNDK’s initials stand for New York Norway Denmark, the home countries of its co-leaders, saxophonist Ole Mathisen, trombonist Chris Washburne, and pianist Soren Moller. They’re joined on this third release by bassist Per Mathisen and drummer Tony Moreno to perform compositions by Charles Ives, Arne Nordheim, Edvard Grieg, George Perle, Carl Nielsen and Per Nørgård. These are bridged by short (one to three minutes) improvisations named after the various composers. The interaction between the two horns is careful but also loose; in some ways it’s reminiscent of Anthony Braxton’s mid ’70s partnership with George Lewis on albums like Quartet (Dortmund) 1976 and Quintet (Basel) 1977. But there’s of course much more of a classical, chamber-like sensibility at work here, since most of the pieces performed are not jazz-style head-and-solos compositions, but through-composed works – sections of symphonies, and the like. Ultimately, it’s a very beautiful album full of melody and swinging rhythm, with frequent, technically adept bursts of improvisation. Highly recommended.

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