Friday, March 06, 2009


One of those tours you can't quite imagine really happening until you see it in cold black and white has been assembled. DragonForce is coming back around in April and May, and they are bringing with them...


Yes, Cynic, the jazz-fusion-meets-arty-prog-metal philosopher kings, fresh off a phenomenal jaunt with Meshuggah and the Faceless, are now touring with (and let's not kid ourselves, opening for) the wanktastic masters of empty-calories power metal. A mind-shattering confluence of "This is so beautiful I think I just transsubstantiated in my pants" and "Are they kidding? They're kidding, right?", this tour (which also features sorta-underrated/sorta-overrated death metal band Dååth) will be hitting a "secondary market" somewhere relatively near to you...go ahead and check it out, if you dare.

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